A well crafted LinkedIn profile is a must if you want to grow your personal brand and company.

Linkedin Is a task you must make time for every day if treated well and used right it can become your business’s best friend and top advocate.

Here are 17 top tips to efficiently boost your LinkedIn profile.

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Step 1: Personalise your LinkedIn profile URL

When you first created your LinkedIn profile, it may have had a long, unwieldy URL with random letters and numbers.

Did you know you can change it to be more personal?

If you still have your default URL NOW is the time to customise your public profile URL. For example, my customised URL is https://www.linkedin.com/in/scottnewsome, and I’ve seen URLs such as /in/growthinlondon and /in/hullbusinesscoach just make sure its

  1. professional
  2. reflects your name/brand
  3. Is consistent with your other social profiles.


Step 2: Keep your profile updated!

Something many LinkedIn users forget to do is keep their LinkedIn profiles updated. There’s no excuse to have outdated information on LinkedIn.

It will reflect poorly on you and damage your personal brand.

First things to keep up to date

  • Headline
    • This is the bit that goes under your name, make sure it reflects your current job role and what you want to use LinkedIn for. E.g. Are you looking for new clients or trying to find a new job? BE DESCRIPTIVE
  • Location
    • If this is wrong, your prospective prospects probably won’t see you!

Doing these simple things will help more people find your profile while boosting your viability to potential contacts.

Other things to consider

  • Job Role (Not just title but what you do)
  • Education
  • Languages

Step 3: Only use professional photos

LinkedIn profiles that have a picture are 11 times more likely to be viewed.

If your profile is still using the default silhouette, CHANGE IT NOW

Tips for your image

  • No group shots
  • No shirtless or revealing/provocative photos. Yes, this does need saying
  • No pictures of you drinking
  • Don’t use an image of you with the wife and children
  • Make sure you’re wearing appropriate clothing
  • Don’t pull a funny face
  • Only use a sports image (e.g. of you playing football) if it’s related to your career

Step 4: Did you know you can use a background photo?

If you’re worried that your profile looks a bit plain and the same as everyone else’s, you can now update with a cover image.

Like the profile picture make sure it’s work appropriate and reflects you

LinkedIn advises users to use an image with a resolution of 1400×425.

Step 5: Write a good summary (and keep it updated)

This is where you sell yourself to potential prospects.

Notice I say yourself and not your business.

People buy from people, so use this space to talk about yourself, what you’ve done in the past and hope to achieve.

You can say how your past experiences help make you perfect for your customers but keep it personal, a detailed description of your company and job role can go in the Job Roles section

The summary is all about you

Step 6: Use Keywords 

Keywords are incredibly important in SEO but also on LinkedIn.

Search is a massive part of LinkedIn and having the right keywords in your profile is the difference between being found and turning invisible.

Just be careful not to go overboard and stuff every other sentence with them!

Step 7: Add as many new sections to your profile as you can

LinkedIn lets you add several sections to give your profile more visual appeal and depth.

You can add sections for past positions, volunteering experiences, languages, honours and awards, patents, causes you care about, and much more.

All of these sections open you up to more opportunities to start conversations with your connections (and help break the ice when dealing with prospects with similar interests)

Just be prepared to back up what you say you’re passionate about!

Step 8: Connect with people you haven’t met yet

One of the biggest mistakes people make on LinkedIn is failing to reach out to connect with people you want to know but don’t yet.

That’s what networking is about getting to know new people and build a MUTUAL, BENEFICIAL relationship that flows TWO WAYS

Growing your LinkedIn network has many benefits. From getting in front of influences and market leaders to finding new opportunities to speak at events and IRL network

Step 9:  Personalise your invitations

“I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.”

This is the default message LinkedIn provides for new connections and is dull and impersonal.

But you can edit it (and you should!)

Write something that explains WHY you want to connect with them and what benefit YOU provide to THEM

Remember CEOS, MD’s and Through leaders get dozens of requests a day so don’t sell off the bat and be polite!

Step 10: Publish posts

LinkedIn posts offer a great way to reach beyond your network AND let your connections know what you’re up to.

You should think of Posts as blog articles that are hosted on LinkedIn itself.

Make sure you include

  • Call to Actions
  • Keywords
  • Value

And to sign off correctly

Step 11: Find and join Groups

One way to start connecting with people outside your network is to use LinkedIn groups.

In recent years the group’s page has been overhauled to make it more intuitive and easier to use.

So find topics you’re interested in and start discussing just remember NOT JUST TO SELL

Groups are a way to show your value.

Once your valuable people will come to YOU instead of you having to go to them.

Step 12: Find people through search 

LinkedIn search is your golden ticket to finding the perfect prospects. You can use it to search for people by name, company, or skills.

But there’s much more to it than that.

Know who you want to target and search for their specific job title, location and industry!

For more info on this step see our blog – How To Prospect On LinkedIn – Search, Search Search

Step 13: Build relationships don’t just sell

When someone accepts your request to connect, don’t start pitching your service or product. This is a relationship killer.

Start slow. Comment on, share, or Like their posts.

LinkedIn even makes it super simple to stay in touch, telling you when contacts are celebrating work anniversaries or starting new jobs. Again, these are opportunities to Like or comment.

Build the relationship and trust before you start asking for favours!

Step 14: Keep everyone updated

Updates are a great way to let your network know what you are doing and should be used every day!

LinkedIn status updates are your chance to highlight some of your recent work, share an article you’ve read, and promote your brand.

Don’t just post 9-5 as not everyone can/does check during office hours!

Try to post an update at least once a day at a minimum; aim for a maximum of three or four updates per day, just remember this isn’t Facebook so keep it professional

Step 16:  Be positive (and don’t be a dick)

What you say reflects on you.

Never post negative comments on someone’s post, complain about a client or badmouth your current or past employers!

If you wouldn’t say it in real life DON’T SAY IY ONLINE!

Step 17:  Export your LinkedIn connections

One last helpful tip: Remember to occasionally download your connections.

This includes their phone numbers, email addresses and job titles.

It’s an excellent way to backup your account and also to build your marketing list.


If you’re in the UK and EU make sure your GDPR compliant

To do this,

  1. click on ‘ME’ in the right-hand corner

2. Settings and privacy

3. Privacy tab

4. How Linkedin uses your data

5. Request Archive


Now you know everything you need to do to refresh your LinkedIn profile.

You can now make your brand look fantastic, wow future connections and prospects, and grow your influence.

It’s quite simple!