This blog will (hopefully) give you some of the information you need to succeed this year and in years to come.

So let’s begin.

[ ] Update your website

Make sure your site is up-to-date and reflects the message you want to portray

[ ] Update your social bio’s

This is often the first place your customers will see. Make sure it’s up to date

[ ] Look at where your web traffic is coming from

Make sure you know where your website visitors are coming from. If you’re Yorkshire based but getting visits just from Wales, your keywords may need tweaking

[ ] Look at your Social Media analytics

This is an important step to see what content was being shared, viewed and liked.  

[ ] Analyse the Social Accounts you use

Take a look at what your customers are doing, do you need to remove a platform from your strategy, or add one (such as Instagram or Pinterest)?

[ ] Make sure ALL your staff understand your plan

This doesn’t just include the team responsible for the social media and website

[ ] Update your marketing strategy

Make sure your plan reflects where your customers are visiting (from web analytics) and the kind of content they like to see (from social analytics)

[ ] Make a list of blog articles to write next year

If you have the titles already sorted you’re much more likely to write them

[ ] Start writing blogs now

If you have time start prewriting now, so if you’re busy it still gets done

[ ] Create Social Media Content

This could be images, videos or even the blogs above. Again if they’re ready BEFORE you need them, you’ll use them.