Social Media Marketing

If you run a business, you’ve probably noticed that Social Media is everywhere and that your business must be well represented in this area.

The problem many businesses face however is that, while you are an expert in your own specific field, the knowledge and skills required to maximise social media is something that is not easy to learn.

By taking advantage of our Content and Social Media Management services, you’ll be able to concentrate on what you’re best at and not focus on remembering to write content. All this can be done at just a fraction of the cost of employing just one in-house Social Media Manager.

To find out more how we can make the most of your strategy with our Social Media Marketing Management Services, please get in touch, and we aim to respond within 24 hours 



How to Customise your twitter page

This guide will help you set up your twitter account, so it displays correctly to all who may be interested in your business. Once you’ve signed in, you will see the below screen. Click on your profile screen (the bit to the left with your name and pictures), and you ...
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5 top tips for Social Media Success

Everyone uses social media differently, what works for one person or company may not work for another. However, there are some universal truths and below you will find five top tips that many businesses could benefit from. Don’t be an Island The point of SOCIAL media is to communicate, ask ...
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LinkedIn is just for B2B and other misconceptions

Something we hear a lot (even from other marketers) is LinkedIn is only useful for B2B and B2C should stay away from the platform and focus on Facebook. This is 100% incorrect. At some point in their day, everyone is a consumer, from the office intern to Richard Branson at ...
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Social Media For Small Business

SOCIAL MEDIA IS AN IMPORTANT TOOL FOR ALL SMALL BUSINESSES. HOWEVER, A MISCONCEPTION IS THAT ONCE YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT THAT’S IT, YOU WON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING ELSE. WRONG Social media, particularly for a small business, just venturing into the digital marketing arena does take a lot of work. ...
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Can Social Media help your brand?

The last ten years have seen a fundamental change in the way many of us do business. New technology has emerged, giving us all the power of a computer in our pockets. Paving the way for a new breed of marketing. Social Media There is a common misconception among many business owners ...
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