If you run a business, you’ve probably noticed that Social Media is everywhere and that your business must be well represented in this area.

The problem many businesses face is that, while you are an expert in your own specific field, the knowledge and skills required to maximise social media is something that is not easy to learn.

By taking advantage of our Content and Social Media Management services, you’ll be able to concentrate on what you’re best at and not focus on remembering to write content.

All this can be done at just a fraction of the cost of employing just one in-house Social Media Manager.

Platforms we manage

For LinkedIn Marketing Solutions or Training, please visit our SERVICES page

One of the most well known platforms in the world, Facebook boasts well over ONE BILLION worldwide users. 

Facebook works by creating a company page (NOT A PERSONAL PROFILE) to promote your business, it is more difficult now to grow your pages organically and an additional PPC campaign may be needed to get initial growth off the ground. 

For a Facebook Campaign, we recommend 3-4 updates a week, that include either a graphic or a video, and focuses on EMOTION rather then SELLING

We recommend this platform for FAMILY B2C campaigns. 

Twitter is a fast paced medium that allows you to share, visual, text and website based content in 280 characters. 

It’s popularity has slowed in recent years with the emergence of other social media channels, however it still remains a popular medium to spread your brands voice. 

Many companies now employ a member of staff to manage and monitor the usage of Twitter, however for B2B and B2C it remains a useful tool to drive visitors to your website and give voice to your vision. 

Primary a visual based platform, these campaigns work best if you’re able to provide graphics of the work you do, or the product/service you offer. 

If you are unable to provide any graphics, we are able to create basic images that fulfil the aim of the campaign. 

Included in this package is Hashtag research and inclusion in all posts. 

Please note, due to the nature of Instagram links to external websites (including your own) are not able to be posted.

You may include one link to an external website within your ‘Bio’ 

Social Media Marketing: Prices

All our general Social Media Campaigns are bespoke, and prices vary depending on your needs, the number of platforms to be managed and the amount of content produced. 

Prices start from just £400 pcm and include

  • No contract
  • Custom content every month
  • Management of multiple platforms
  • Fortnightly update calls