LinkedIn Training

Gain the skills you need to drive new business opportunities for your business 

Our specialised LinkedIn training for UK businesses give you the confidence and knowledge to take your use of LinkedIn to the next level.

In these, in-house training sessions we share detailed knowledge, experiences and examples of best practices that you can apply to your business.

Whether you are a newcomer to LinkedIn novice or advanced user, we will:

  1.  Help you turn LinkedIn into a productive lead generation tool
  2. Position you as a thought leader in your industry

Many businesses have come to realise that the sales process has changed significantly in the past five years.

Strategies that had worked for years are showing less of an ROI and brands with a poor digital footprint are starting to disappear. 

 We tailor our in-house sessions to focus on providing practical examples and case studies specific to your industry sector.

We advise on ways to improve your profiles (both personal and company) and the ways in which you can improve the SEO rankings of your content to be seen by your target audience.

 This results in you being able to reliably generate positive leads and opportunities to develop and build relationships.

  • We work with you to analyse WHO your target audience is, and where they are hiding and how you can turn them into warm prospects.
  • We demonstrate how using your team can lift your content marketing efforts to new levels.
  • We drive more traffic to your website.
  • Training with Timesavers means you’re benefiting from years of experience of using LinkedIn to drive sales and leads.
  • We don’t just provide the training to use the platform successfully, we help you develop a bespoke strategy for long-term use.
  • Our LinkedIn Training for businesses session is jam-packed with practical techniques to improve your success.
  • After the training, we are always there to offer insights and advice to help your marketing efforts see success