This series will deal with how to prospect on LinkedIn ONLY using the free features.

One of the most common misconceptions on LinkedIn is the mistake of thinking that LinkedIn is only for connecting with people you already know.

Yes, LinkedIn IS excellent for keeping in touch with people you’ve worked with in the past or met at Networking events, but that’s not the real power of LinkedIn

The REAL power of LinkedIn is the ability to find and connect with your ideal prospect even if you don’t know their name within seconds.

You can find and begin to build a relationship with people you don’t know yet using some of the advanced search features (FOR FREE)

The Power of Search!

Located in the top left of your screen is the search bar.

Once you click on this bar, you’ll get a drop-down menu.

Click on people to find your next prospect!

Filling in the search parameters!

Do this by clicking on all filters to see the incredible power of LinkedIn Search!

In a recent update (2018) the search layout has changed to bring it closer in line with the premium sales version, and these changes make it more intuitive to use (and find what you want)

If you used search back in (early) 2017 and before you may be looking for the postcode and radius settings, unfortunately, this is now a premium only service!

Tip for searching, by putting in a + between words, you will only search for that job title.

e.g. Managing+ Director will just show managing directors

Operations+Director will only show operations directors,

without the + you are searching for job titles including operations OR director

The + makes your search more expedient.

Beyond this make sure you include the area (if you want to be specific try searching by town) and connection type (1st = already connected, 2nd =connection of connection. 3rd=no shared connections (usually connections of your 2nd degree) )

As you can see the above search (with Hull as the location) yielded a large number of prospects meeting my criteria.


One thing you can also do is filter by industry, education and past companies this alongside the location and title lets you zone into the perfect connection.


Before you get excited when you see the results the search generates and start to go on a connection spree STOP!

You don’t want to send too many connection requests in one day.

If you get too many, I don’t Know flags a day your account will be restricted.

To avoid this, limit your connections to between 20-30 a day or connect every other day.

The key to this strategy is to get a consistent number of connections, WITHOUT getting your searches reduced.

To prospect successfully, you want QUALITY over Quantity.

4 Steps To Connecting With People You Don’t Know Yet Know

Step 1 – Optimise Your Profile

Your profile is often the first thing a prospect will see once they get your connection message (see below)

You need to make sure it ATTRACTS.

Here are just a few of the ways:

  • Upload a professional and approachable head and shoulders pic
    • Don’t use a company logo
    • Don’t leave blank
  • Make sure you have a custom title not just sales director
    • Use something like helping businesses save £££ using green energy solutions
  • Ensure you have got a personal summary that isn’t just sales focused. Share some of your likes and dislikes
    • DO NOT just write your job description
    • Show how you can help people

Step 2 – Invite Your Top Prospects To Connect

As said above do not invite straight away, take a few minutes to look through the search results and identify your top prospects

  • Do NOT invite too many people at one go
    • Spread your connecting over a week
    • Set targets to say 75 requests a week spread over three days
  • DO use a custom invite request
    • Use something that showcases how you can help THEM and why they should connect to you. DO NOT SELL NOW
  • DO NOT only use the LinkedIn mobile app and just press ‘connect’ this does not send a personalised message!

Step 3 – Say “Thank You”

  • Once the prospect has connected, make sure you, send a ‘thanks for connecting’ message. It might be difficult, but resist the urge to sell straight away!

Step 4 – Relationship-Building using LinkedIn

  • No one likes to be sold to (including you!) the worst thing you can do is immediately try to sell to your new connections (asking for more information or sharing what you do is fine, just keep it subtle)
  • Keep in contact through the messaging system and content.
    • Content marketing still works, just keep it up and consistent



This method of finding, connecting and relationship-building using LinkedIn generates leads every day.

This method does work but remember IT TAKES TIME AND EFFORT for you to get consistent results

Once you’ve optimised your profile, defined your target market and started your searches, we suggest you allocate time EVERYDAY to implement this strategy (including connecting, thanking and relationship building)

If you’d rather not spend the time and effort doing this yourself, this is our speciality! Check out our LinkedIn Page to explore the options available (or contact us for a no-obligation telephone consultation)


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