This guide will help you set up your twitter account, so it displays correctly to all who may be interested in your business.

Once you’ve signed in, you will see the below screen.

Click on your profile screen (the bit to the left with your name and pictures), and you will see the below. This is what people clicking on your Twitter page see, so it’s a good practice to click and see if your colour scheme works

Click edit profile now you can;

  • Upload your new header (recommended size 1500 x 500)
  • Upload your new profile picture (400 x 400)
  • Edit your bio (max 160 characters (including spaces)
  • Edit your display name

Even with the recommended size, you may need to resize or rearrange your image to get it exactly how you want it to appear

Hope this proved useful, there will be a range of tips ranging from the beginners’ tips like this to more advanced like ideal word count, what makes a good landing page and 3rd party tools to help your day to day social media activity