The last ten years have seen a fundamental change in the way many of us do business.

New technology has emerged, giving us all the power of a computer in our pockets.

Paving the way for a new breed of marketing.

Social Media

There is a common misconception among many business owners and senior leadership that Social Media platforms (such as Facebook and Twitter) are a passing trend that can be used for sales with no adverse side effects if poorly done.

This is incorrect.

Social Media is not for sales!

A shocking revelation we know.

So if not for sales what is social media used for and why should brands invest money into it.

Simply put Social media is a way to raise your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website and make you an industry leader.

Now a common question is

‘how is this not sales?’

The simple answer to this is, it kind of is, but not exactly.

It may eventually lead to sales down the road, however, entering into Social Media expecting one deal a week or a day is a recipe for disappointment.

So why invest?

One reason is there is a satisfaction with strangers at events hearing your name or company and saying

 ‘oh yea I know you, you do XYZ don’t you? I saw you on Twitter’

Another is, if people don’t see your name on a daily basis they’re seeing your competitors and are more likely to buy from them when the time comes to making a sale.

People don’t buy from strangers; they buy from brands they recognise even if they’ve never met you before, by seeing your name regularly on social media they begin to feel a connection with you allowing you an in with them.

This is where quality content and a dedicated strategy comes into place if you’re just ‘ad hocking’ it day by day with no end goal in sight you run the risk of

A) irritating your potential clients

B) wasting your own time and company resources.

Social Media is one of the most underrated and mismanaged tools a business has and the one which has the potential to cause the most damage if used incorrectly