LinkedIn is an important part of many businesses marketing and networking activities.
However many professionals don’t complete their profile to a high standard.
What can you do?

Complete your LinkedIn profile

This first one is obvious but important, and something many professionals miss.

In order to give your prospective clients everything they need, you need to stand out from the crowd.

This means completing all sections with as much useful information as you can.

Aim for ‘All-Star’ status on LinkedIn’s profile strength chart!

This means completing:

  • Your industry & location
  • Your current position with description
  • (A minimum of) Two past positions
  • The education section
  • Adding a minimum of 3 skills
  • Adding a (professional) profile photo

Add a professional profile photo

As part of completing your profile, a professional profile image is very important, especially in the B2B professions, think of it as networking, would you go to a networking event without a suit on?

Impressions count for everything and a unprofessional photo (or no photo at all) WILL put off prospects. Recommended size is 300 (w) x 300 (h) pixels, you can find all size guidelines on LinkedIn

Add a cover photo to your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn allows you to upload a cover photo (size 1400px x 425px.)

 This is where you can give more detail, and show your value.

There’s a number of options, you could have a background with a cityscape, your company logo, or a picture of you doing what you do best, there’s no wrong answer, providing it’s professional (e.g. no personal photos)

Update your headline

Your headline is important.

Your headline shows up wherever people hover over your name and within search results.

LinkedIn pre-populates your headline (directly below your name on your profile) based on your current position and employer (e.g. Managing Partner and XYZ Law Firm)  but you can edit this to better explain your involvement in your niche.

An example of a good headline include; working with property owners to ensure they are fully complient with the law

Create a customised URL

Updating your profile to include a personal URL, this looks professional and makes it easier for prospects to find you in searches.

Visit for a guide on how to do that.