Author: Scott Newsome

Owner of Timesavers Digital Marketing Solutions Specialising in LinkedIn Marketing and Content Creation, Scott is always happy to answer questions and offer business advice.
How To Change Your LinkedIn URL

Does this look familiar? A LinkedIn URL with random letters and numbers after your name? For many, this isn’t a huge issue, but if you want to make your profile easier to find, and reflect your personal brand, you may want something more personal, this can be your name, your USP or your business […]

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Guide to Social Media Image Sizes – 2018 Edition

If you’re using Social Media, you’re using images. From posting them on the timeline to having them as a profile image. If you haven’t got an image, you’re not getting seen! This is doubly true if you’re a business page, as your company branding and visual content is the first interaction that prospective customers will […]

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Four Ways Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Brand

Social Media is by far the number one tool in your businesses arsenal. But remember. There is more to social media than just posting the odd picture on facebook and MANY benefits to your business. BENEFIT 1 -INCREASE BRAND AWARENESS The main advantage and easily the most important aspect of social media is improving, modifying […]

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How To Make A Top LinkedIn Profile

A well crafted LinkedIn profile is a must if you want to grow your personal brand and company. Linkedin Is a task you must make time for every day if treated well and used right it can become your business’s best friend and top advocate. Here are 17 top tips to efficiently boost your LinkedIn […]

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