Everyone uses social media differently, what works for one person or company may not work for another. However, there are some universal truths and below you will find five top tips that many businesses could benefit from.

Don’t be an Island

The point of SOCIAL media is to communicate, ask questions and answer other peoples it will help you look like the expert you are

Be Human

It’s easy to forget that it’s a person you’re talking to not a computer, and as such you need to write your strategy as if you’re speaking face to face. Be less formal and more warm/genuine

Don’t Always Talk ‘Shop’

The key mistake a lot of businesses make is Sell, Sell, Sell, and that’s not what you want to be doing on social media at all! Post off-topic links to things you’re interested in, ask questions and be unique, E.g. a car company could ask – What’s your favourite driving song?

Spell Check

Spell check and check your grammar, people will forgive an occasional typo, but constant mistakes will get you a bad rep

Ask for follows

And last but not least, ASK for people to follow you any chance you get, in person, emails and on your company brochures and websites

I hope this was interesting and if you’re interested in how these tips could affect your business, please feel free to arrange a one-on-one meeting to discuss how we could improve your social media