Month: March 2018

Sales vs Marketing

Sales and marketing are often used interchangeably, and in some instances, there is overlap; however, they are two very different aspects that it is important not to confuse or mix up When you run a small business, you may end up doing everything, and this is where the line is blurred, and it’s important to […]

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This blog will (hopefully) give you some of the information you need to succeed this year and in years to come. So let’s begin. [ ] Update your website Make sure your site is up-to-date and reflects the message you want to portray [ ] Update your social bio’s This is often the first place your customers […]

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So, What Is Social Media

WE HEAR THE TERM ‘SOCIAL MEDIA’ A LOT IN BUSINESS, FROM PEOPLE TELLING US WE SHOULD BE ON IT, TO BEING ASKED WHAT PLATFORMS WE’RE ON. But what exactly is Social Media? Colins defines social media as ‘Agencies, such as websites and applications that facilitate social networking.’ So you might now be thinking, great. What […]

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